World Food Programme. Disability and Food Security: Central African Republic: Findings from the 2020 ENSA disaggregated by disability (2021)



Since 2013, CAR has experienced ongoing conflict, with the security situation deteriorating since electionrelated violence in December 2020. Disruption to the 2020 harvests has worsened the food security situation, while armed groups have prevented access for the passage of goods and humanitarian relief. A second wave of Covid-19 is currently impacting the country.

The 2020 Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) showed efforts to integrate disability inclusion. However, a lack of data on persons with disabilities, their needs, and the barriers they face impacts the ability of humanitarian responders to plan, deliver and evaluate inclusive activities. In 2020, data collected by Humanity & Inclusion showed that 87% of persons with disabilities reported difficulties accessing NFI distributions, food, and cash.

The December 2020 Enquête Nationale sur l’agriculture at la Sécurité Alimentaire (ENSA) was disaggregated by disability, to improve WFP’s understanding of food security needs for this group. Data were collected through integration of the Washington Group Short Set of Questions (WGQ-SS).

The WGQ-SS were asked directly to the respondent and recorded a maximum of one other, positively identified household member