Satisfaction with assistive technology device in relation to the service delivery process-A systematic review.

Peer-reviewed article
(2019 Jan) Assist Technol, 31 82-97


Larsson Ranada Å, Lidström H


The service delivery process (SDP) of assistive technology devices (ATDs) is attracting interest, as the provision of ATDs is critical for the independence and participation in society of individuals with disabilities. The purpose of the current study was to investigate what impact the SDP has on satisfaction with ATDs in individuals with disabilities in relation to everyday activities. A systematic literature review was conducted, which resulted in 53 articles included. The results showed that there are factors in almost all the different steps of the SDP that affect the satisfaction with of the devices, which can lead to underutilization and abandonment of ATDs. Only a few studies have been conducted with a design robust enough to generalize the results; therefore, more research is needed. Therefore, the conclusion is the SDP as a whole contributes to the satisfaction with and usability of ATDs in individuals with disability in relation to achieving the desired goals of participation in everyday activities, for the articles included must be deemed as moderate. A client-centred approach in the process is advocated, and was found to be an important factor for an effective SDP and satisfied users.