LSHTM Data Compass. Impact of the Disability Allowance in the Maldives - Baseline Dataset. (2020)



Datasets are part of a data collection for the 3ie funded project "Impact of the Disability Allowance in the Maldives" (grant number: PW3.11.MDV.IE). The baseline dataset contains data collected as part of a baseline survey, conducted in June-November 2017, as part of a nationally-representative, population-based survey of disability of Maldivian citizens aged 2+ (screened using the Washington Group questions). All people identified as having a disability were asked additional questions as part of a case-control study, that also included people without disabilities matched by age (+/- 5 years), location and sex. The same question sets were also asked to new enrolees to the Disability Allowance (cluster_no>=53), a monthly disability-targeted cash transfer.