Research on the academic status of children with emotional and behavioral disorders: A review of the literature from 1961 to 2000

Peer-reviewed article
(2003 Oct) Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, 11(4) 198-210


Trout AL, Nordness PD, Pierce CD, Epstein MH


This review conducted a comprehensive examination of the current state of the literature on the academic status of students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). The authors examined the literature to assess (a) student characteristics, (b) placement settings, (c) academic subject areas, and (d) measures used to assess academic achievement. Second, when possible, the functioning level of students was examined.Third, trends in the research over the past 4 decades were assessed. Although several investigators have researched the academic status of these students, significant limitations exist in the research, including incomplete reporting of student information, inadequate research on specific academic skill sets, and limited numbers of studies assessing students served in general education settings. Implications of the findings are discussed.