Mobile health applications for mental illnesses: An Asian context.

Peer-reviewed article
(2020 Dec) Asian J Psychiatr, 54 102209


Li H, Lewis C, Chi H, Singleton G, Williams N


Advances in digital technologies have created unprecedented opportunities to assess and improve health behavior and health outcomes. Evidence indicates that a majority of the world's population, including traditionally underserved populations and low- and middle-income countries, has access to mobile technologies (phones, tablets, mobile devices). Given the widespread access to mobile technology worldwide, health behavior-change tools delivered on mobile platforms enable broader reach and scalability of evidence-based assessment and interventions, especially for addressing the growing burden of mental health disorders globally. The purpose of this article was to present a qualitative review of mobile mental health applications in an Asian context. We searched on-line databases and included 22 articles in this review. We have identified mobile health applications that address eight categories of mental illnesses. These applications were developed in only six countries and regions in Asia. Future studies from more diverse countries for diverse cultures should be conducted to examine the advantages and disadvantages of mobile health technology.