Children with disabilities in disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction: Focussing on school settings

Peer-reviewed article
(2017 May) Policy Futures in Education, 15 380-8


Ronoh S, Gaillard JC, Marlowe J.


Every year, worldwide, disasters affect approximately seven million children with disabilities, highlighting their potential vulnerability. Although there is a growing move internationally to promote the rights of children with disabilities, they still receive little attention from disaster risk reduction (DRR) researchers and policy makers. They are often excluded in DRR initiatives and are portrayed as ‘helpless’ in disaster contexts. This policy brief draws on a multiple case study of three schools supporting children with disabilities in three New Zealand regions. Through the voice of both children and adult participants, the study identifies associated gaps and constraints to disability-inclusive DRR. It makes recommendations that acknowledge diversity and ensure that those marginalized can become stakeholders in the DRR process.