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How can we measure disability in research related to the COVID-19 response?

Equity Depth Local Relevance Feasibility
Use the Washington Group Enhanced Short Set (WGES), supplemented by other tools as relevant
Dedicate sufficient resources to translation and training
Follow guidance to analyse, disaggregate, interpret and present data
Where insufficient resources exist to embed the WGES, consider alternatives but invest in pilot testing first
Include assessment of impairments or health conditions depending on the research question and resource availability
Invest in further research to strengthen identification tools for people with disabilities

How can we ensure the safety and wellbeing of children with disabilities during humanitarian crises?

Equity Depth Local Relevance Feasibility
Recommendation #1: Improve data collection & registration for children with disabilities in humanitarian settings
Recommendation #2: Incorporate an inclusive & multi-faceted MHPSS approach to support a continuum of wellbeing
Recommendation #3: Actively encourage the contribution of children with disabilities towards disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction & child protection mechanisms
Recommendation #4: Improve coordination and planning to improve access to basic needs & safety
Recommendation #5: Strengthen education in emergency settings for children with disabilities to better cope and respond to crises

How do we ensure that social protection assistance initiatives work for people with disabilities?

Livelihood & Social Protection
Create more inclusive eligibility criteria for social protection initiatives
Integrate more holistic packages of support for people with disabilities
Facilitate meaningful participation of people with disabilities in research, policy and practice
Strengthen policy frameworks and accountability for social protection initiatives
Remove barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities

What do we know about how to support mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic from past infectious disease epidemics?

Equity Depth Local Relevance Feasibility
A multi-sectoral approach is needed to address mental health issues
Service provision needs to be sustainable and feasible
Interventions must be adapted to meet the constantly changing demands of a novel health crisis
Need for rigorous research on appropriate and effective service provision
Strong communication campaigns are essential to support wellbeing and reduce disinformation